27 February 2012

New hobby for an awesome boy

Okay, here is the thing, I am not into sports, at all. I never liked watching it on TV, not in Europe, and I certainly didn't start over here in the US. It's a personal choice and I know that I am very alone with that choice. I am okay with that.

So when the Hubby mentioned that he wanted to sign Coqui up for some soccer - I was not so sure what to think of it. I mean, do I mind that he runs around a field for a little while to get some energy out? No, absolutely not. He loves it and always has, and has been asking for this for a long time. So how could I stand in the way of that? I couldn't..... so we signed him up.

The hubby went to the first practice with him (and Peanut in tow). Oh man, Coqui was soooo excited! It was nice that Daddy got to go because it was one of those rare Firsts for him - he doesn't get many of those! (I am sure some of you Daddies can relate.) Peanut loved kicking her own ball around with Daddy, while Coqui was out on the field.

But the second time, it was just me and the kids, and really.... I didn't like it. I could care less how well he does. To me, it's a sport where he gets to move his muscles. That's all. I am not a soccer mom who stands on the sidelines and cheers them all on. I mean after all, these kids are just 5 years old. What IS important to me is that he is doing something he really likes (and is naturally very good at it), that he has fun, and is maybe learning one or two social skills along the way......

So when Coqui had his first game on Saturday, he was ecstatic. He had been looking forward to this. Especially because he was finally allowed to wear his uniform. Here is a picture from before the game. Team shirt, shorts, red soccer socks, cleats, and shinguards. He was more than ready.

So Daddy took him to the game. Just the two men! It was too early in the morning for Peanut to be even up yet. So I gladly stayed home to watch her sleep.... hahaha.

Apparently, Coqui did awesome. He alone shot 7 (seven) goals. And according to him, his team won, of course. [At this age, they don't keep score, and they also have no goalie, so shooting a goal is (if you ask me) pretty easy!] He had a blast and rejoiced all day.
Here is his team picture.


C. Beth said...

7 goals is awesome! It really does sound like he's a natural. Great job, Coqui!