06 December 2010


Today is the 6th of December. What does it mean for you? I am sure most readers are like what? Well, if you are by any chance German, there is no question - it's Nikolaustag, translated Nikolaus' Day. It is not a federal holiday, but celebrated by most, children of course, not adults. It starts the night before, when the children have to clean their shoes or, like me, boots. The clean boots are then put by the door of each child. The children go to bed and overnight Nikolaus will come and bring them little goodies that are put in the boots. Here is a picture of what it looks like after he had arrived: 
That is of course ONLY if you have been 'good'! For as if you had been 'bad', there are no goodies to celebrate with, there is a branch, or a twig. And you know what one is suppose to do with that, right? Beat the butt!!! Yeah, yeah, I know, in modern times I could go to jail for this, but it's a folklore, so what! 
The small goodies can go from apples and candies to cookies or even small toys and such. Of course, I don't want to stuff my kids with too much candies, so I prefer small gifts that they need.  Here is Coqui opening his goodies bag. And here is Peanut with Coqui's bag - because of course she did not get a bag at all.... not only had she not been a good listener, but who wants to feed her too much candy???