15 December 2010

Catching up...

... with the school work before the grandparents come and before the holidays.

I am sure over the next two weeks, there won't be much learning, so this morning Coqui had to do double his usual share of school work. But I think he took it well. We did alot of sheets this morning. Here is a picture:

As usual, I am trying to have him do a little of everything every day. In this age, repetition is what does the trick! So he has certain letters to work on. We went through the entire alphabet already, but there are some letters that seem to be harder than others. One of those is the 'S' - for some reason he can not and does not want to write it by himself. So I have him practice it any chance I get.
The other sheets where shapes and patterns that he is doing so well with. He got them all right the first time. Colors are already kind of boring to him, so I just use those pages as coloring pages - learning how to stay within the lines and such. The Shape Sort page was one of four pages that became more like a mini project, with glue. And he loves to do projects involving glue - because his Mami is such a 'neat freak' that it does not happen very often that he gets to 'use' the glue. All together, we were busy for at least 45 minutes - just enough to keep his attention and fingers busy.

I am happy with the progress he has made within this last year. We started to home school pretty much this January, so it has been a year. He has learned many things. And there are a 'few' things that I have to learn and improve, and that is my consistency. There were a lot of days we missed in the beginning, but there are much lesser now - so I am happy with that. I know if I really want to pull this thing off correctly, I have to start making a schedule and a lesson plan. I give myself another half a year to see how it is going. He would start school, I guess, next September, so by then I want to be able to have all this set up, plus some more books, and most importantly a home schooling support group! At this age, it is not the most important, but it will be later, so it can not hurt to get to know those people now....


C. Beth said...

It sounds like you are ahead of the game and have good plan for the future! Coqui and you are both doing great!