09 February 2010

My heros

Today I want to put the kids to the side and write about my heroes. I was thinking about it last night doing the dishes. I am not talking about the super heroes like Spiderman or Wonderwoman. More like about those that surround us and those that don't get enough credit for what they have done. People that think of others first and those among us that give their last shirt away in order to help someone else.

I am talking about that man that recently gave one of his kidneys away to help our pastor's wife survive! That wonderful father-in-law that always gives others money when they ask him. My mother-in-law that is always glad to help out whenever needed - like when we needed someone to watch Coqui when I had to go through my surgery and recovery for seven long weeks. This husband of mine who always helped me survive when I needed back in the day when we were just friends. And of course that special person that gave up nine months of her life in order for us to have another child! She lend us her 'oven' and that was so selfless of her.

Then they are so many other people that helped me survive when I needed it most, nine, eight and seven years ago. Without all those people I would not have survived here and able to stay and continue studying. I am still talking about people that constantly are helping others and don't get any credit for it. I am also talking about people that want or still should stay anonymous but are soooo eager to do something for us.

I want to think of you all today! And thank you, and say how appreciative I am!


C. Beth said...

What a beautiful post--I hope your heroes are reading it! Really it's amazing how much God shows us his love by putting these people in our lives.