17 February 2010

I shared a testimony today

Every Wednesday morning, we are going to the Women's Bible Study at our church. We are doing a Beth Moore study about Esther. Before we turn on the DVD, we have a discussion about homework and what is going on in our lives. So today, one woman started with a testimony, and then another, and then I just felt I needed to share something that has recently brought us to tears....

It is about our carrier. She was brought up as a Catholic but eventually had left that church. And then was, I guess, in limbo and a little thrown off by the church in general. Well, looking back at this entire process, it was ALL God. I can even go back and say that this cancer had to happen in order for me to be soooo blessed but also to bless ours. But from the day I sent out that letter, and her receiving it, it was God's calling through and through. And yes, it was not always easy - but hey, who said that walking with the Lord means that things are easier, just because we can hand our problems over to Him. But it was soooo worth it! Without knowing that she did, she answered God's calling to become our gestational carrier for our second child. They had tried for a third child themselves, but did not get pregnant - well, yes, because her 'oven' was needed for something else... it worked the first time without a problem and she went through the entire nine months, she delivered that child and gave it to us - what a blessing right there!!! We are thankful for that every day.
But back to the testimony: there was a lady in her immediate circle of friends that was Christian and she was just such an encouragement for her. Apparently, she invited our carrier to her church and she followed that invitation. To make a long story short, she has been going to church ever since, has been truly blessed by it and finding God. Her entire family is going every Sunday..... that is amazing.

She says that she finally found what she was looking for.... yeah!


C. Beth said...

Very, very cool. And your perspective on it is beautiful.