24 February 2010

Random Thoughts

Hey there,
I sometimes forget to blog..... life can be so crazy with two little ones that I just crash at night in front of the TV and computer. So thinking of something smart to write that others would enjoy to read is kind of too much effort.

So today I am not writing about something specific, but just kind of in general. Coqui is sick, he had a pretty rough night, so he is allowed to watch TV even in the morning today. Usually I make him earn his TV time during the morning and rest time, I guess, it is kind of a bribe.... So I have some time now while Peanut is still taking her first nap - it seems after two days of not sleeping at all, she is taking a pretty long morning nap.... Fine by me, I just wish she would sleep like this in the afternoon.... But I think to remember that Coqui was easy to put to sleep in the morning, and that it was much harder in the afternoon. Wonder why that is???

Peanut is not sick, but had a couple of rough days with sleeping. Like I mentioned, she did NOT take a single nap on Sunday, only one in the morning on Monday, and three yesterday, one of them 2 hours long. So yesterday, she was much happier in the evening. And as they say: Kid happy, Mami happy!
Whatever it was, I hope it is over.

So now she woke up and wants her bottle - so let me go.... okay, I am back. It is so nice that she can feed herself - the only advantage of bottle feeding!!! It is amazing that she knows her bottle and gets all antsy when she sees it. Now we even got to the point that she is lifting her head on her own for me to put the bib on.... amazing!

Also she is eating solids and really likes it. I mean she is sooooo interested in table food! It's real exciting. She has her cereal every day, and then we tried different vegetables and fruits - where she definitely prefers the fruits. Coqui was opposite, he really enjoyed his veggies! So yes, she has a sweet tooth, I guess. She likes more sweet potatoes and squash than any of the other veggies that I tried so far. She likes soy milk and soy yogurt. She also had homemade smoothie already.

So yes, that is our life.


C. Beth said...

Oh, she has a sweet tooth. That's my kind of kid. :)

SurvivorBlessing said...

oh, I have to add from tonight - she is a table food person!!! She ate bread and fish.... she was so mad that at first I didn't want to share my dinner with her, because she already had eaten her cereal.... no, no, no, Mami, she wanted MY dinner SO badly.... and she ate it!