01 November 2009

soundmachine (or the sound to keep your kid asleep)

When Coqui was a little boy, I never thought of using a sound machine, or white noise machine. But he was such a lite sleeper that eventually I had to get one when he was about one year old. And it has worked wonders to his sleep (with noisy neighbors around!), that he sleeps now through mostly everything.
Of course, having a second child, you know better. But as strange as this may sound, I haven't gotten around to buy one for Peanut. As she is sleeping in our room (her room is not painted yet....) and her bed (the pack'n'play) stands right next to the bathroom door, I am using the fan in the bathroom as a sound machine. Hey, it works and she sleeps....
My friend did order me the noise machine, so tomorrow I should have the real deal. Now I just have to figure out which sound she'll like best: waterfall or rain forest. Personally, I could not sleep to the birds chirping, but.... I might use the rain.... Good night everyone.


C. Beth said...

They are SUCH great inventions. :)