05 November 2009


Last time I posted something, I remembered that I needed to add something else... of course, now, having Mami-brain, I can't anymore..... What was it? It is so frustrating that we, as mothers, forget so many things. And I wonder why? I mean, I am sure there is some real scientific explanation out there, but I am too tired to look for it. In my own way, I say, it is because we have to think for ourselves a little and then mainly for our kids!!! For any outings, there are millions of questions, tiny but very long check lists we have to go down. Did we bring enough formula for the baby? Do I have a change of underwear for my toddler? Where are the keys? ... etc.
And once we are finally in the car, the engine roars, and we start going the first couple of feet, we wonder: "Where were we going again?"
Urrrrgh, it is soooo frustrating.

So maybe tomorrow I will remember what I wanted to write about in the first place....


C. Beth said...

In this post you have touched on one of my BIGGEST mommy frustrations--getting out of the house. You should have heard me venting about it this weekend. I really despise the whole getting ready process--trying to get everything in the diaper bag, not being able to find a sippy cup, last-minute poopy diaper, etc.