24 November 2009

Check up time

I have not posted in a little while - please forgive me, little audience!

I have found the perfect pediatrician for me! About three years ago, in the Garden State! Unfortunately, we moved away, so I lost this wonderful angel of medicine!
Coming here also meant to find a new doctor for my firstborn! That was not so easy and I think, back in the day, I simply settle for convenience. Convenience of the location, about 15 min. from the house, central point, easy reachable from the house or my husband's work! I never liked the woman, nor the way she handled my son, or should I say the lack of interacting with him! Well, she did not agree with my way of really thinking about what immunization I want to give him, or how many at one visit! I am NOT anti-shots, not at all. There are too many evil illnesses out there, deathly and just cruel! No, I want him to get mostly all of them. I am just simply thinking about it and research it! So when there was a shot I didn't think he needed, she had me sign at least 3 different papers for my denial! Ridiculous!

So having a second child, I knew I didn't want to go back there. I have talked to friends, who seemed happy with their choice of pediatrician. So I called, set up an appointment, after my old pediatrician refused to see her at this, my chosen timing! I got in in a record time, and today was the day! Peanut had her 2-month check up at almost 3 months - oh well.... such is life! A hundred years ago, they didn't see doctor's unless they were sick.... today, we have a tendency of exaggeration! She looks beautiful, looks healthy, looks big.... of course, the measurements are a little off, in comparison with other 2 months old babies, but that is okay! She also got 2 shots, and is sleeping away..... Yeah for Mami who really has some time to herself today! Yippy....

Thanks for stopping by in your busy days. Appreciated.


C. Beth said...

I am trying to play catch-up on blog reading! I hope you like your new pediatrician. I'm glad you decided to try someone else.