30 October 2009


Lately, alot of people that congratulated me to the birth of Peanut, also asked me how badly I am sleep-deprived? Well, I have to say.... not at all. I am a good sleeper, meaning that I sleep deep and resting. I don't need many hours of sleep at night, and do very well when I have a very short night. Also, my daughter has been sleeping through (!) the night since week six, so for the last three weeks. If she did wake up - which happened twice I believe - it was easy to put her back to sleep within seconds (or minutes!) WITHOUT feeding. Yeah....
So I am good. I do know that there are some envious people out there that think I just want to brag and make them feel bad about feeding their kids until 24 months.... I am not! It is as the bible says it: "God only 'burdens' us with stuff that we can handle." I am not so good at waking up in the middle of the night and feed someone and then have to rock them back to sleep or such.... I am not a morning person, I am a night person. So if Peanut would have decided to be a night-owl (which I secretly nicknamed her when she was born!), then I would be fine with that....
So if you are one of those night-feeders and that works for you, great. I am having a hard time with it. And God is good. This is what this post is about, giving thanks to God to ALWAYS providing us with what we need. I need good sleepers at night. I need my evening open for stuff I (!) like to do. But I am also willing to get up at 5 am to play with the kids (reminder: I am not a morning person! - but I'll do it!).
God is Good.


C. Beth said...

Yes, I'm so glad that He's provided you with just the right situation. And even if it was more challenging, He'd give you what you needed there too.

Also you are a confident mom when it comes to being okay with your baby not eating in the middle of the night. That is a good thing. I think a lot of us get worried that the baby won't get enough if we don't feed them when they wake up at night.... Your way is good; you have a healthy baby and you are happy too!

I wish I was someone who did well without a lot of sleep. I don't. I need lots of sleep or I'm just tired. Even the last couple of nights, the clock said I got an okay amount of sleep but I was stressed out in the evenings, so I didn't get good rest. Hopefully that will change tonight. Thankfully usually I do get good sleep, and enough of it.

Whew, I'm rambling! I guess it's time for bed. :)