01 October 2009


I am a very natural person, green through and through.... So wanting to breastfeed my babies is normal. I was very determined to breastfeed my firstborn - but somehow, he was very reluctant with the whole latching-on.... so it never happened. Still I knew that breast milk is the best he could get, so I pumped the milk for him and gave it to him with the bottle. I pumped for nine months, pumped more than he ate a day, so froze the rest, so I could give him breast milk for ten entire months. It was hard at times, but definitely worth it. I know I tried and succeeded.

So of course, I wanted to do so for my second child, that was on the way in the womb of our carrier. There was some talk about her pumping for a little after birth, but I couldn't count on that. So I researched a little and some more.... there is a drug out there, but it is not FDA approved. So I tried to confirm with my oncologist, but she never got back to me. Talking to my husband, we kind of made the decision that it might not be for me. When I told my doctor, she seemed relieved. So I think this time around, it was better not to take the drug....

But it still left me with only one choice: the 'hated' formula. To me, it stinks, it stains, it is so unnatural. But I have no choice, my baby girl NEEDS to eat.
Well, there were a lot of women pregnant around the same time as we were.... and just another provision from God reveals itself in front of me: one of those lovely ladies offered to pump some milk for me, so I can give it to Peanut! Wow, that just blows me away, makes me feel so loved and so blessed! So now, when I get back home, there is a freezer full of 'gold' waiting for us to take home and thaw and give it to her. The best nutrition out there for babies. The gold that makes her grow healthy and strong!

God, thank you for providing for us always. I am so grateful for my friends and family. I am in total awe of what some of them sacrifice for the benefit of others. You blow me away.


C. Beth said...

SUCH a huge blessing!!