01 October 2009

Hungry hippo

"How much is too much?"

It is so true when people say" every child is different. Not that I didn't know that before, but seeing it now happening in front of my eyes with my two children - it is different.
First, one is definitely more relaxed with every additional child. At least, I am more relaxed and at ease, less worry and less trying to do it right - because there is no 'textbook-right'. Every mother (and father) will find their own way of doing things.
For example, with Coqui, I was, as the pediatrician told you to do, wrote down every diaper change, pee-pee and poos, every ounce of milk intake, and every other thing one could jot down....
This time: I don't do any of this. Unfortunately, I am not home, because there is one thing that I am curious about and can't remember: how much did Coqui eat??? Because my little darling girl here, she is eating ALL the time. Every two hours during the day, and every 3-4 hours at night (which is great). She is growing and getting stronger, holding her head and such.... but that eating pattern - it is a big change for me.
But all said and done, she is so beautiful and we rejoice in having her with us. All we wanted this long way along, that she'll be healthy! And I guess part of being healthy, is eating to get big and strong! So bon appetit, little Peanut!