05 September 2012

Back To Weirdness

Okay, I have a confession to make. Someone who just visits my blog today or tomorrow might get the idea that I am a 'hardcore' Vegan. And I was.... for a while.

But I have to confess that since the baby was born... not so much anymore.

And here is why: 

I became a Vegan about five years ago, after going through cancer. It was for health reasons only. Nothing more deep than that. Just for my body which had to fight one of the most terrible diseases here on earth. I wanted to treat this vessel of mine a little nicer than I had in the past. And I loved it.

So why change something that worked so well?

Over the time, I missed certain things. Things that I loved from my childhood or that I was simply craving. So when I was facing having a newborn again, I thought it would be a good time to make a few changes - for a short period of time. I felt I needed more energy, hence my intake of protein had to go waayyy up.

I became a Vegetarian again, something that I had been for a very looong time before cancer and Veganism entered my brain. So I enjoyed come cheese! On a cheese pizza, some cheese sandwiches, and grilled cheese. Yummy. I also dove into real ice cream. Yeah. It was so good. I enjoyed a nice Carvel ice cream cake for my birthday. And I am looking forward to eat some regular cupcakes for my birthday party. I ate raviolis and tortellinis. Okay, okay, before you get too hungry while reading, I'll stop - I am sure you get the idea....

And now that I have done so for the over three months, I am ready to go back to my more healthy eating habits again. I got an ice cream maker for my birthday, and a book for Vegan ice creams, so I am very much looking forward to make lots of those!!! This will be MUCH cheaper than buying Vegan ice cream in the store. And it's less limited. Around 200 delicious recipes for all kinds of ice creams. The peanut butter kind is chillin' while I am typing this - and I will share it tomorrow with friends.

Also before the holidays start, I would like to slim my waist line again (much needed!). I have not set a particular date, but I know I want to start with the Daniel's diet.
As a matter of fact, that is how I started five years ago. It felt so good. If you would like to know more about it, please click the following link: Daniel's Diet. It is so cleansing. And when I did this for the first time, I figured Veganism is not that bad.....

And yes, this also means that I will start running again. Baby is sleeping through the night and it will get cooler again in the morning. I am ready....

Cheers to a new start of being UN-normal once again!


C. Beth said...

The PB ice cream was yummy! I liked how strong the PB flavor was.