10 September 2012

All About Me Lapbook

Better late than never, right? So today, I want to show you what we were working on all of last week. It was a lapbook that got all of Coqui's attention - he had so much fun in making a book ALL ABOUT HIM(self)!
It's the perfect timing with it being the beginning of the year. And of course, we as parents get a bunch of keepsakes with this book, like their hand prints and finger prints, pictures, and funny things they say at this age.

Enjoy the pictures.

The cover of the book. When I took the picture, it was not done - but you get the idea.
Open the cover and Coqui is greeting you with a picture of himself, his birthday cake, his hand outlines, and a puppet that he dressed in real fabric. The little flaps reveal things about him like hair and eye color, his age and birthday, his finger prints, and other personal things.
When you open the top part, it talks about where we live, how our house looks like, and such. And on the bottom, we outlined his profile and what he wants to be when he grows up. In case you can't read it, he wants to be a police officer.
When the last flap is opened, the middle reveals all about his family with a family portrait and a picture of his siblings. We worked on a time line as well, from birth all the way up to now, with all his birthdays, his siblings birth, when he first rode a bike, when he started school, and so on....
The bottom part has the following cute things on it, including an interview with him, done by me. It was very interesting to learn that Daddy has a very fascinating job, and that Mommy is doing only 'boring stuff like cleaning and cooking, doing laundry and school' - thanks Buddy!
So here, the kids were asked to say what they would buy for each dollar amount. I was impressed that Coqui really knows the value of money. He was pretty good with his suggestions. In case, it's hard to unscramble his spelling, he buys candy with $1, legos with $5, a new DS game with $20, and he'll go on a flight with $100. I thought, these were very good things to save up HIS money for....
Next, he was asked to name three things that he thought people should know about him..... when he was done, the right side says it all: Star Wars, Star Wars, Star Wars.... I guess he is a real fan!?! It's a phase and I am praying that it is over soon, because I do NOT want any more new lego star wars sets in my house...
And the last one is so typical for my buy: his heart belongs to GOD! Yeah.

This took us four days to complete, and then we went over to our friends house to present our books to each other. My best friend Beth is homeschooling this year, so we decided to do some themed weeks at the same time. This week was one of them. Presenting their books to us and each other practices public speaking at an early age, and also it makes it more fun.
Chickie presenting her science lesson about her human body.
Coqui presenting his book......

You wonder where Peanut was all this week? Well, she didn't want to participate..... I AM looking forward to making one with her next year, or the year after. The only thing she did was letting me trace her hands and feet....


C. Beth said...

He did a great job! I need to write a blog post about our lapbook too.... Thank you for the reminder. :)