06 June 2012

Back from Vacation

We were only gone for a week, but it seems my brain has been turned off for much longer than that and it is really hard to get back to 'normal' life.
It was so nice not to have to think about school! It has been a big part of our daily life and it is so nice not to have to prepare anything, or get Coqui to sit down every day to do his work. It gives my brain a much needed breather. Also, it was nice to spend time as a family, before the baby come and before our lives will be turned upside down once again.

So here are a few pictures from our week.
We went to Medieval Times, and didn't tell the kids. So the entire way, they were wondering where we are going. Once there, they were so excited. I mean, Peanut thinks she is actually a princess and Coqui remembered our knights' week, so he could impress all of us when naming all the parts of the castle. Medieval Times is a restaurant, where people sit in the arena, eating while the knights are performing. It's a meat eating place - oh yes, it is! So I kind of knew that I won't get much between my teeth, after soup and bread. So when the girl put that half chicken on my plate, I told her that she can take it away because I won't eat it. She was surprised, but asked right away if I wanted a vegetarian plate. I was super surprised and said: "Absolutely yes!" People, I can tell you that: it was delicious! They really know how to cook there. It was quiet an experience. So I can highly recommend it for the none-meat-eating population.

I was very impressed by the kids' good behavior. I mean, Coqui was just mesmerized and ate and watched. But even Peanut just sat and watched and occasionally asked a question - mostly related to the princess on scene. She even caught a flower by our knight.  This outing was the absolute highlight of the vacation by everyone.

We went swimming almost every day. We ate ice cream almost every day. And we ate out almost every day (which was nice for me not to have to cook!). We had the most beautiful weather all week, including a thunderstorm that was so refreshing. We went on walks - something that we usually don't do as a family. We played lots of board games and watched very little TV.
It was so relaxing.

It was nice being away from home - you know, change of scenery to refresh our minds - but it was also weird, knowing that our baby was not with us. Not being around the belly constantly, the kids actually almost forgot about the baby. And for me, after being around Beth all the time, it was hard not to see the belly, not to feel the baby kick, not the talk to it, and not to have my daily dose of Beth. I am glad to be back, I am glad to have been missed and to have felt that baby kick right away when I touched the belly.