21 November 2011

How much sleep is too much?

Well, we arrived at a stage in my little girl's life where I am not sure how much sleep she needs. For the longest time, she has been taking only one nap a day. Most of the days, it was practically perfect - we do school and a little outdoor activity, then have lunch and take a nap. I prefer to stay home in the afternoon, or at least really close to home, because I really don't want to battle traffic. I am fortunate to have a choice, so I try to run all my errands in the morning.

But lately, it seems like when she does take a nap, she takes forever to fall asleep at night. Saturday night, she finally slept AFTER I fell asleep, and that was past 11 o'clock at night. She was not crying, just happily talking and singing away in her bed. When I went in and told her that she needs her beauty-sleep, she said "okay, Mami" and still didn't go to sleep. How frustrating.

So now I find myself in the odd place of having to make a choice between a nap for her and a later bedtime, or no nap and an early bedtime. I am not sure which one I want. I really like my quiet time with Coqui alone, so he still gets a little one-on-one-time with me.

On the other hand, it would be nice to be able to go out of the house and not having to be back for nap time. We have done so a few times already, and she did great for most of the day. Of course, every toddler gets tired and cranky later in the day.

So my nice quiet time between a busy morning and a more relaxed afternoon might be just plain over..... how will I miss thee!


C. Beth said...

It really is a loss when they stop napping! But there's also a freedom, not having to schedule things around naptime. It does sound like Ms. Peanut is "outgrowing" naps.

My deepest sympathies are with you. ;-)