27 November 2011

Follow-up on Peanut

Do you remember my last post about Peanut's nap habits, or rather the loss of a very good habit?

Well, for the last week, I have purposely NOT letting her take a nap. It was actually quite liberating when I could leave the house any time I wanted... We had a very busy week, every day was something big going on with multiple play dates, and of course Thanksgiving. Now I was very tired from this week.....

At the end of the day, Peanut was very tired, of course, and completely knocked out the moment I layed her down in her bed. The first night, she slept 14 hours straight through the night. All the other nights were pretty much like that, maybe not as many hours.

But today, she actually asked me for a nap because she said she was tired. Already when we left the church, she was yawning. But then we went out to eat and she seemed fine. But when we came home, she asked if I could put her down. So I did. I let her sleep for her usual hour and a half, until way past my cut-off-time - which is around 3 pm. Let's see if I have to pay back for that later.

Maybe she had stopped growing? Because at the same time, she kind of stopped eating. But today, she ate all her lunch and asked for more. Then she asked for a nap.... maybe she is growing again!?! My 95%-child wants to be tallest of her class, I guess....


C. Beth said...

I think the transition to no naps can be a tough one for kids--they do well for a few days then get tired and need another nap. Hopefully her nap today was just what she needed and she'll have another good week with no naps + good nighttime sleep!!