22 August 2011

First Day of Kindergarten

I can't believe that I have a Kindergartner.... where did the time go?
I know I said I would start school only on the 25th, but because all his friends started school today and it made him real upset that he wasn't gonna go to a 'real' school, I thought I needed to start today. So I got up early, ran (which had turned into a horrible run for me), had my quiet time with God and coffee, and then pulled out (mostly) all our homeschooling books, old and new. I wanted to take it easy. I mean he just turned 5 a few weeks ago, and I think I did push him a bit too much last year. So I didn't want him to have resenting feelings towards school. So all we did today was REPETITION. I am so proud of him for knowing all his stuff, for giving me an answer the first time when I asked and for sitting through it all.... for 45 minutes. He did moan just a tidbit when I pulled out the Handwriting book - he is not a fan!

Then we went to our weekly co-op for Art and Spanish. Well, it is more than just that. Because the teacher is reading a book, teaches a few sign language words that go with the book, and then they do they art work. They even have recess where they can run around in her backyard. It's great for Coqui because he made friends with two boys his own age (his two best friends are both girls!). And then they learn Spanish where to ABCs are repeated each and every time, the numbers, colors, days of the week and months. Today, she read the same book from Art in Spanisch and they had to act out the new words they learned, like jumping and chicken and such. It's awesome.

So his first day of school was a real fun one, he liked that he had friends that did not go to a 'real' school either. They learn together at home, learn from each other and have fun. So far, we really like it.


C. Beth said...

Fun pic.... He looks a bit like a superhero with that stance. :) I'm glad you gave him a special "first day" and that he is seeing the fun benefits of going to school at home!!