03 August 2011

Mini-vacation pictures

Pennsylvania: Lancaster County: Strasbourg Historical Railroad and Train Museum
My little train-obsessed Coqui - loving the train ride in a real steam train. Then we went to the museum and sister enjoyed the trains, the big ones and the little ones that they were allowed to play with.
Peanut just kept saying: "Train loud." But I think she still (somewhat) enjoyed the ride passing by farms and Amish people plowing their fields.

Pennsylvania: Gettysburg National Military Park

Coqui on a milestone in 'Daddysburg' (aka Gettysburg). He enjoyed the park and all the canons and statues very much.

Prettygirl on top of Little Round Top - a major key point of the second day in the battle of Gettysburg.  She was all proud that she had 'climbed' to the top (a walk of two minutes from the parking lot.)
 It was a good but exhausting day for all of us, driving around the park, 16 highlights to visit, getting in and out of the car. I liked the cemetery the most - something I find very fascinating:

Maryland: Baltimore: Inner Harbor - Aquarium
Two kids after visiting the Baltimore Aquarium. Coqui loved all the fish, Peanut was scared almost the entire time (she did like Tuga, a big turtle)! And she liked going to a seafood buffet.


C. Beth said...

"Coqui loved all the fish, Peanut...liked going to a seafood buffet." So I guess they BOTH liked the fish in a way, huh? Ha ha....

That all looks like so much fun! I love the pics of Peanut on the train and on the rock.

SurvivorBlessing said...

well, she didn't eat the fish at the buffet but everything else...
Coqui actually liked looking at the fish and then ate it at the restaurant. His fav is still shrimp!!!