24 August 2011

Quote by a friend of mine

"It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for something you are not."
by André Gide

Isn't that beautiful. No, it's not from the bible, yet I think, it is so deep that it just blows your mind.

I guess I like it because it goes along with me not liking things (or people) that are fake, or put a mask on for others, not showing their real 'Me'. I am a straight forward person. I greatly dislike lying (white lies included), to me that's a great offend.
Also, I am not a 'pleaser'. Like me for whom I am, or just don't like me. That's totally okay by me. God made me this way for a reason, even though I am not a hundred percent sure why. But he made others the way they are for the same reason. We are all different. Just don't pretend something that you are not.
To me, it is easier to accept someone for whom they really are - being different from me. We can learn from each other, compliment each other, and encourage each other.

Stand up for what you believe - you will see how many people will follow you, just because you had the guts to stand up.

(By the way, André Paul Guillaume Gide was a French author that I 'got to know' just a tiny bit when living in France and having to read one of his books. One of the dictionaries say that "Gide's work can be seen as an investigation of freedom and empowerment in the face of moralistic and puritanical constraints, and gravitates around his continuous effort to achieve intellectual honesty.")