05 July 2011

The problem with sizes

Okay, so I went to the local grocery store today. Yesterday was the 4th of July, and so today, they had American t-shirts on sale. Great, I though to myself, I can buy some real cheap for next year....

...or so I thought! They didn't even have Coqui's size, which is a regular 5T.
Okay, I won't buy him one, just the girl. She wears mostly a 2T, even though she is not two yet. She doesn't like when it's too tight and she will let me know if it is! So I let her wear all the 2T stuff already - with the shirts, and with the pants anyways because any smaller size doesn't fit over those bulky cloth diapers.

Now take a closer look at the two shirts in the picture below! What sizes do YOU think they are???

Do you want me to tell you?

Okay, the pink shirt is a 5T and the red one is a 4T. Can you believe that? Pink is made in Mexico, red was made in Columbia. Do they have different sized children over there? 'Cos I thought they produce all the stuff to American standards. Maybe not. It's ridiculous! I mean the 5T pink looks more like a 3T, and that's what she will wear next year. And the red one looks closer to a 5T (or real big 4T), so she'll wear it in two or three years.

I mean it's great that I got them so cheap and I don't have to worry about the 4th of July in the next few years... but sometimes it just frustrates me that the sizes don't add up with the child's body at the intended age. Happy Forth of July everybody!

[Oh, a side note: my children are both well within the age-appropriate range of size! Coqui was and is in the 50 percentile, and Peanut was and, I guess, is in the 75 percentile.]


C. Beth said...

Sizes are so crazy!!! Zoodle was wearing 18 month shorts the other day!