21 July 2011

Coqui's Art Work

Lately, and maybe because of the art co-op, Coqui has taken to art like a maniac. He needs to do 'projects' all the time, 'write' stories instead of eating lunch, and draw pictures to send to relatives. Constantly. I don't mind, I love it. Here is a selection of his art that stroke me:
 Here, Coqui drew Daddy while driving in the car.
 Coqui drew Mema's backyard with the big pool and Abuelo jumping in from the diving board.
What I thought interesting about this one, is that he wrote WonderPets (which is a cartoon in TV) backwards, telling me that it's a secret message. Then he drew their ship that can fly....
 This was a picture for his sister - that's why it's in girl colors!
I am not sure when he started to draw his people with square heads - I find that bizarre yet fascinating.


C. Beth said...

Wow, the "secret message" is very impressive! I love the square heads too...a fun, bizarre phase. :)