27 June 2011

Quick update on the family

I have not been able to blog alot lately because there is alot of stuff happening. It's summer and we are doing stuff outside the house, for one. It's hot, so we are out in the mornings, and just stay inside for the afternoon.

Peanut has been talking up a storm these days - for the most part, I understand her, because I am around her all the time, but it is interesting that she is more making her own words, more so than Coqui ever did. He spoke well from the beginning, was and is complying when asked to repeat words or sentences, and just has a thing for languages. He can say a few words in German, and now is taking Spanish classes....

But here are a few things that Peanut us saying that I want to write down for my own memory. For some reason, she gets all the names right, like Mami, Daddy, and Coqui; Mema and Buelo, Oma and Opa. Even some of our friends names are not that hard and you can definitely understand whom she is referring to.But then there are words that even I, I have a hard time with:
[pita] = stands for princess
[alk] = for milk, walk, and work
[titas] = for Santitas, and if you don't live in the south, these are corn chips
[tilla] = tortilla
[ack] = snack
[pee pee] = is for both, number one and two
[oble] = table
[go-go] = train
[auto] = car
[Eule] = owl
[Mina] = Minnie Mouse
[highway] = stands for Cars, you know the Disney movie stuff
[hanny] = Handy Manny, another cartoon figure
and whatever she says for 'thank you' I can't even write it down, but I do recognize it when she says it. 'Please' is not a problem anymore, same for 'sorry'.

To me, it's amazing that she can pronounce the same letter in one word, but not in the other. I mean the 'm' in Mami is perfectly clear, but she can't use it in milk.... Oh well, I am sure she will learn it eventually. It just seems that languages are not gonna be her strong interest. She doesn't like repeating things, in either language, or is she just stubborn!?! But it is cute to hear her talk to her Baby and take care of her....


C. Beth said...

You know, I think she has very good vocabulary and speaks very well for her age. So I think it's the second explanation...probably just stubborn & doesn't want to repeat things. :)