30 June 2011

Handmade Gift and an Art lesson

A little person will turn 4 this weekend, and she is very special to our family. This might be the last birthday to celebrate with her together because they are moving away, so I knew this gift had to be extra special. Besides a special toy and a store-bought dress, she is also getting my homemade skirt.

The idea came to me when I was shopping at Walmart and saw these - what they call Fat Squares.  I loved the concept of mixing different colors in one skirt or dress - back then I was not sure yet what I was going to sew.

I kind of came up with my own pattern - working along and seeing how it turned out - not loosing the plan of how I expected it to look. These colors are just perfect for the recipient - green and brown for nature, like Mother Earth. It fits her character and interests perfectly.

In the picture above you only see three different fabric patterns - I added one more later - an afternoon trip to Joann's.

I cut each fat square into four pieces of the same size - but then I only used two if each and then an extra one to make the right size for an four year old. The top part has an elastic band, so it will be more adjustable in case she gets a growth spurt. The ruffles on the bottom are made of the pattern that I added later.

Here is the final product:

I think it turned out beautiful. She likes tight skirts of dresses, so this one turned out just right for her. Lucky me, the elastic was not a problem at all, even though it took me a while to investigate how to make it. And I am so glad that the bottom part turned out as nice as it did. It sure took alot of time to figure it out - because you know how much I like to follow directions... NOT! So I sat there, researched the internet and tried and it worked the first time. I am very happy with it.

And I also have a close-up from all the colors - which I love by the way. I also learned something new about colors. I mean I already know that colors have to go together, compliment each other. There is also a meaning behind every color - did you know that?
Brown is warm neutral color that supposedly can stimulate the appetite and represents wholesomeness and steadfastness - a fact that I find very interesting. It is used to bring out other colors and their richness.
Now brown paired with green is very special on many levels. Dark brown can actually replace what black is so famous for: sophistication. Together with green, it can appear as very earthy, like recycling. But green means life - it's the spring color that tells all of our brains that the long winter is over and new life will come in the near future. Green stands for growth, health, renewal and revival. But it also stands for jealousy and inexperience - something that I read online but that is not what green means to me. What I learned about colors, especially colored rooms, is that green is a calming color - contrary to red that is suppose to be aggressive. Then I rather agree with the saying that green has both a warming and a cooling effect, so it is representing balance and stability - a perfect partner for brown that is steadfast.

Whatever it is, it looks great together - if I may say so myself - so lovely.


C. Beth said...

I really think it's lovely...and even nicer in person. I have heard that about green before (calming) but not the stuff about brown. I think it makes sense! There are definitely emotions attached to colors.

Great job! I'm impressed you made it without a pattern!