10 June 2011

Friday thoughts

Today is Friday - have you noticed?

I have. My week was crazy. I don't mean crazy as in crazy busy, I mean crazy as to the emotions our family has been through this week. Some weeks just pass by and nothing really happens (besides daily craziness in a house with two young-ems) , and some weeks seem to provide us with an abundance of action and emotion. This was one of those weeks.

We started a co-op on Monday. So from now on, Coqui is taking place in a Spanish class, and starting next week also an Art class. It's done in the same house, by the same teacher. We are only about four families that come to this co-op, but we all have  little ones, so it will be crazy enough. This is very exciting for me... as I have been looking for a support group and/or co-op for a while.

Tuesday we went on a pool adventure, but it turned out to be disastrous. It was too hot, for me, no shade, the big pool too scary for my little girl, and the little opened late; it was dirty and the kids just didn't behave as desired. By the time we got back home, I was just done with my day.... unfortunately the day was not over. Coqui gave me a hard time with school, he didn't listen and both kids did NOT take a nap. The kids kept complaining about everything, were all whiny, and it was just not pretty.
By Wednesday, I felt so unappreciated that I was ready for a vacation. Thank goodness for friends, who talked to me. They invited us for play dates and it was much easier to deal with the kids that way. They could have fun and run around crazy, getting rid of some of their energy which leads to less bottled-up emotions for them. I went running and could release some of my emotions that way. I even went running two days in a row, because I felt like that helps me to energize myself for the day, but also liberates some of my frustrations.
Today I feel much better, have more energy to face the rest of the week.

So what brought me to write this all down?
Well, feeling overwhelmed like I did this week, I also felt very far away from God. I KNOW that God is all around me, walks me through the day and only gives me trials that I can deal with. I know that. But I just did not feel it this week. I am sure you know what I mean.We walk in God's presence but we are not really aware of it, or rather Him. So today, I want to conscientiously return to His presence; I want to make the deliberate choice of focusing on Him and simply converse with Him.


C. Beth said...

I guess we both needed each other that day--glad we had that playdate!

I didn't know you started a co-op. Very exciting! I want to hear more about it....