16 January 2010

In the car

I still remember those days, when Coqui was a baby and did not like the car. For some reason, I had hoped that Peanut would be different - I don't know why I was thinking it could be....
Well, as you might have guessed already, she does NOT like the car. Though since all our visitors were here, it has become better. Even on a five minute car ride to the local grocery store, she cries.... Today, we had to go on a 45 minute drive, and she did cry, but only after about 25 min. and only for about five minutes. So I am hoping, that with time, she is getting used to the car and even though she might not like it, that she does stop crying excessively.

Wish me luck.


C. Beth said...

Yes, I hope htis is a phase that is passing!!