20 January 2010

Addicted to trains

Well, we might have a problem. My son is addicted to anything train. He loves them. We have GeoTrax at the house and it's getting bigger and bigger. He even has GeoTrax parties with his friends (that we got hooked by the way!). He has a couple of wooden Thomas tracks and engines - but of course, when you ask him, not enough. And the thing is - he plays with it, or both, every single day. I know, some of you might think I am exaggerating, but I am not.

Well, knowing how much he loves trains, we got him a real big train set, you know, the one that goes around the Christmas tree - don't worry, we did NOT spend the $100 from the store. This one was located, by me, at a giant flea market in New Jersey last summer. The wonderful thing cost the high price of $5! Absolute bargain. And it runs great. So this year, being home for Christmas, we had to put it under and around the tree.

But if that is not enough. On a trip to Target, he located a ginger bread train. Yes, not a ginger bread house, but a train. I had to get it for him. It was the same price. If I would have spend (or should I say wasted) the money on a house, I might as well do it for him on the train. So he spend one morning with his aunt, called Tia, to put the whole thing together:

But that was not enough!!! No. Grandma, aka Mema, got him a cookie sheet from Michael's - a railway cake pan. [pix here] It has nine little compartments, one for the engine, one for the little red caboose, and seven cars. He had to make one cake with Mema and decorate it with me. He had so much fun. I am just so glad that he has not a sweet tooth, so he tries one or two bites and then he is usually done. He loves sharing, too, so we all got our share of the cake.

He also got a train calendar 2010 that he loves to look at.

We took a train ride on a local line over here, that he enjoyed greatly. We had both sets of grandparents with us, so it was a blast. He even got his own hat.