10 January 2010


When Peanut came along, we had to buy more furniture. She got the crib and the dresser / changing table, and Coqui got a toddler bed and a new, bigger, dresser.
When I reorganized his clothes, I wasn't really thinking of where I put things, I was more concerned of fitting it all in..... but I did put all his pajamas in the bottom draw. He is not taking a nap anymore, but I still have him take of his morning clothes - usually they are dirty anyway - and change into pajamas. At night time, he wants to have footies - meaning pajamas that are one piece with feet, so he is covered from top to bottom (as he uncovers himself with the blankets alot!). So at nap time, he can chose what ever "fun" PJs he wants to wear.

I mean there are sooooo many choices, from Handy Manny to Mickey Mouse to Thomas the tank engine to Cars and simply monkeys or dogs.... He can dress himself, and found a new passion in getting dressed and undressed...... so he can spend half his nap time, peeing in his underwear - I am not sure if he does it on purpose (?) - and then choosing a different pajama.....
It is hilarious and fun to watch him. Maybe that is how he learned how to dress himself, for certainly it was NOT something I taught him! He is just that kind of a self-made guy.....
I love him to death and am real proud of all his accomplishments. And mostly, he puts that smile on my face for just being himself!

Here is a picture of his pajama that I bought for the kids in advance, to wear next year for Christmas.... he loves it, even though he trips over the way too long legs all the time. He got the dogs, she got the cats.


C. Beth said...

Those PJs are so cute! I got some Christmas PJs for the kids for next year too. Unfortunately they don't match perfectly but still look cute together.