17 September 2009

It's a .......

Hi everyone,

it has been some time, but I want to share some great news: our little miracle happened about a month ago.

We got induced early because our carrier wanted it so. We were able to spend some time with her in the morning. But once she got the epidural, we had to leave. The baby was born about three hours after that. We had to wait outside the whole time. And it's a.... (*drum roll*) .... girl!!!! Yeah. Her name is 'Peanut', weighed just enough and is totally beautiful. Perfect.

So as I said, we had to wait outside the Labor and Delivery Section which really sucked. Sorry the word, but that is the only thing that I can think off to describe the feeling of waiting there and not knowing what is going on. Nobody came out to tell us. So we did not get to witness the birth. It was a 'little' disappointing, as I was very much looking forward to being the first one to see the baby, Daddy announcing the sex and so on. The nurses are just not qualified enough to handle a case like ours, because this is not what usually happens. I appreciate the time we had in the morning. But once we left for that late lunch, we never made it back into the room. And the not-knowing part really made it a disappointing experience. Eventually, three hours later, they finally called us back in, saying that the baby was born already. I was shocked, to say the least, and real mad. But I got madder when they wouldn't let us in the room to see her. It probably took only ten minutes, but it sure felt like a lifetime. And while waiting, I totally lost it. I remember hitting my head in the wall because I was real upset. The nurses tried to hush me into another room, but I would not budge. Then somebody told me that we have a beautiful girl and there are just some issues with the mother.... Mother? I am the mother! Don't they get it? I kept telling them that I am the mother and that I want to see my baby, I kept hitting that wall, and I guess finally, they just wanted me to be quiet and let us see her.

She was beautiful and so fragile. She cried and I was so mad that nobody would let me hold her and console her - because, you know, that's what mothers do best!!! Oh well. It took them an eternity to measure and wash and rub and take foot prints and give her her first shot..... but finally they said that we have a room to settle down and stop me from any outbreaks I guess. They cared us over to the Infant Section, into our room where I was finally able to hold her. What a feeling. I was happy, happy, happy.

They gave us that room to ourselves for the entire time. I guess after my outbreak they kind of realized what was going on. It's not an adoption where we separate mother and child. Our carrier did an awesome thing, but technically speaking, she was 'just' the oven. The way they treated us felt more like we are the bad guys. We also explained to somebody what happened, that this was our biological child, and that we just wanted to be with her.
Our Blessing stayed with us for the two nights we were there. They just wanted to keep her for 24 hours and as she was born so late in the afternoon, we had to stay that extra night. Daddy stayed with us the entire time, so it was great bonding time for all of us. He is a rock!

Once we got home, it was Coqui who needed some adjustment. (We are still working on it.) He loves his 'brother' Peanut, wants to hug her all the time or feed her or even change her diaper. He fed her a couple of times, even if he only lasts for about two minutes, declaring that she got too heavy..... It is so cute to see them together. This is what we have been waiting for for such a long time.

The Hubby is back home, but we are finally having a set day to follow him. I can not wait! I am constantly packing something, getting really excited.
At home, we have our whole church family waiting for us! I feel so blessed and excited about that. It makes leaving here easier, knowing that there are loving people waiting for us at home. I am looking forward to show off my baby girl to all our friends....

And I am looking forward to finding a new schedule for both kids. I want to spend real quality time with Coqui, and of course, bonding time with Peanut.

Thanks for reading,
Blessed Mami


C. Beth said...

I just saw the "birth stories" tag on your blog so I clicked on it. I know that waiting to see Peanut was SO hard for you. I'm really, really looking forward to our experience in a few more months. :)