24 August 2009

False Alarm - REVISED

We are in week 38, tomorrow starts week 39.... so close to the end!

But last night we had a 'scare' as we were told that we might be in labor. Three hours later, I guess it was decided by the doctors that we are not...... but since then, my stomach has not been the same! Feels like butterflies, just like when you fall in love....
I am so excited. And scared at the same time... When will it be the real deal? And what will happen? I know nobody knows but there is alot involved here. This is not my body and the hospital will put Our Carriers wishes first! That is kind of upsetting to me as this is MY child to be born.... and I want to be part of it as much as they allow me to be... and that part of the equation really scares me. Well, we will see how it goes....

Thanks for reading.