03 May 2015

Day 90: Going to church

The kids really dressed up for church today. Their aunt and uncle came with us, too. So it made for a very nice family outing. My two oldest really love going to our church, they love their classes, their friends, and their teachers. (I am one of them, ;-).)

It was an awesome morning, here is why. My Munchkin doesn't like to go to church. Yep, she doesn't like to go to her class. We can not figure out why because she used to like it, and she loves to go to our bible club class. So Sunday mornings are crazy. First we need to make it to church, and then we have a toddler who cries the moment we turn the corner of the church. We had gotten so good that she didn't cry until we stood in front of her room.

Well, today was different. Maybe she decided to become a big girl. But she refused to hold my hand crossing the parking lot. Then she marched right up to her room and went in. She did turn around and looked at me, not sure for a moment, but then she went right on playing. Wow. This was huge! We were so happy. It made going to church a lot less stressful on us. Yeah, for our big girl.