02 May 2015

Day 89: Handwriting through Bible verse study

Peanut has been working hard on her Reason for Handwriting book. Now that the repetitions are over and we moved to the bible verse study every week, she is a lot happier about it. So we study one verse per week. Monday through Wednesday, she has certain words that she needs to work on. By Thursday, she has to trace the entire verse. And on Friday, she has to copy the verse onto a border sheet, which is really just lines with a nice frame around that she can color.

We didn't get to do it yesterday, so there was some work waiting for her today. She had to start over two times, because her letter formation looks like one of a doctor..... yep, she likes to scribble fast without taking her time. But she got it done, and then she could do what she loves best: coloring the picture around the verse.