09 December 2011

Homegroup @ the Firestation

I am part of a home group that meets every Friday to go on field trips. We have been to the farm and to the play ground and other places. This morning, we went to a local fire station. Coqui was so excited. There is not much to tell, but I have a few pictures.
Our group with most of the kids, some real young ones are not in here, and Peanut did not want to stay either.
Unfortunately, Coqui did not look in any of these pictures, so I chose the one where Peanut looks straight at me. She was not very happy at the fire station, my little 'scary cat'!
Put your gear on! 
Demonstration of the transformation from a regular guy to a full armed fire fighter. It was suppose to teach the kids not to be afraid if there ever will be a guy knocking on your door looking like this: 
They said, that putting that suit on, adds between 60 to 80 pounds! Wow.
Finally, Coqui in action!

They also got to climb into the back of the truck. All these kids were pretty excited.


C. Beth said...

I think the look on Coqui's face (in the pic with just him & Peanut) is adorable. :)