09 July 2010

Dinner - Accomplished!

Remember my post about my struggles with dinner? Well, I don't want to shout out to soon, but I think I have overcome it, somewhat.....

So what have I changed since? Peanut is still taking her three naps, one of them after lunch. So I make Coqui take his quiet time at the same time. After that, we go downstairs together, he usually wants to watch some TV, and I 'do' dinner. That meaning, I prepare as much as I can, ready to cook or so. So if I have potatoes, I peel them, put them in the water, ready to be cooked. If I have meat or fish to prepare, I do that, marinate and such, and put it out to be cooked or grilled. If there is a salad, I make it so it is done. Today, we have leftover burgers that I turned into noodles with meat sauce. So it is already ready! And we have 9 am!!! Yeah. I am so proud of myself....
Of course, this might not work each and every single day - but mostly it seems it does. Woo hoo.

So thank God, I finally found a way to serve my husband and children and stay sane at the same time! Amen.