16 August 2010

Outlander Series Book Two

I just finished the second book of the Highlander series. The name of the book is "
Dragonfly in Amber", written by Diana Gabaldon. (here is the amazon.com link http://www.amazon.com/Dragonfly-Amber-Outlander-Book-2/dp/0385335970/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1283538841&sr=8-1)

It was good! I read the first part a while ago in German and was instantly a fan. Then I bought and read the second book, in German, but was not as happy with it. Now I thought to myself, I will refresh my memory and read the first and second one again, in English this time, maybe I will like it better. I DID! I mean I liked the first book, by the way, it is called "Outlander" by the same author. But now I actually enjoyed the second one as well. There were alot of things that I had forgotten about. So I really refreshed my memory and am ready now to read part three, because there are four more other books, a total of seven books, to read!

I told you before, or maybe I didn't, that I won't write a summary of the book here, because you can get that anywhere you want. What I am telling you is my very own opinion and what I like about the books I read.

Warning! Yes, there is a warning. I am not a science-fiction person, AT ALL! I don't get it, I don't like it, I just don't want to be faced with it. BUT these books are different. Really, I wouldn't even consider it a sci-fi book at all, but that's where you used to find them at Borders. I would categorize it more like a historical fiction. Besides the fact, that the lady is traveling through time. The rest of it is history, more or less. I researched some of the names from the book and they really existed. To me, that's so cool and makes the book even more interesting. Also, I like the book because the author writes detailed and one can follow the action. You 'feel' like you are right there, plunged in between the characters of the book, and that you can hear or smell or taste. The characters are complex and grow as one reads. It is addicting and you don't want to stop reading to go to bed....

So if you are a romantic, then read the first book first and then this one and the next and the next.... happy reading!


C. Beth said...

Okay, this sounds so interesting to me!! I'm going to check it out on Amazon. I got an Amazon gift card for my birthday so I may buy these books! I just finished the series I was reading and I need something else to get addicted to! :)