09 January 2009

First Appointment

So after we made contact with this awesome person, we started to get to know each other better. I mean we had known each other for four years, but more like 'hi' and 'bye', and not much else. It is sad, but that how life is sometimes.

She has two kids of her own, and the younger is only two months younger than Coqui - so they actually got to know each other as well.

She was willing to do the most awesome thing somebody can do for someone else! But we love her not just for that! At that point, none of us knew what to expect. So it was kind of scary, but at the same time, also exciting. It brought us closer together as a family, and with the extended family. So I hope it will be a blessing throughout the entire process...

As the first step, we made an appointment with the clinic - I won't mention its name. This appointment with the doctor was just pure information gathering from both sides. We wanted to know what is all involved in such a process. And the doctor, of course, wants to know our medical history. So it was set for mid-/ late September last year.

After the appointment, we felt we learned some stuff but not all.... it was a little disappointing. They asked us a lot of questions, especially us. By the way, we are considered 'donors' - ask how we feel about that!!! Well, not very good, as this is our child, and always will be our child. That is quite a bummer.... Also we learned, that our case is actually pretty 'easy' - as none of us have any abnormalities, medically spoken of course. Besides the fact, that I can not do this on my own. Which is sad for me... but I will get to my own feelings in a little while.