07 June 2015

Day 125: My little Dictionary of Herbs from long ago

Today, I am so sick. We tried to go to church but I just couldn't sit through the entire service, so I pulled the kids out of their classes and we went home. I have since been in bed and will stay in here until I am better.

This is a picture from yesterday's study. I found this book and I am so happy I did. I must have gotten it as a kid, the tag states it from 1986 from East Germany. It is a little dictionary for kids about herbs. Since I have gotten into the essential oils, I am finding information about natural remedies everywhere. The reason why I got into them was because it made sense to me. I always grew up with these natural remedies, my grandmothers knew a lot and m y mother knows even more. She knows which herb is good for what, like the says that cherries reduce fever, blueberries can cause constipation, and we always have peppermint around the house for inhalation when we were sick.

So I started reading this little jewel yesterday. It is full of great information, not only for cooking, but also about essential oils. It has pictures of the plants, where they grow, how it smells and tastes, and how to use it. I feel empowered when I stay informed and can make good decisions for my family in case they have a little booboo.
The kids have gotten quite good at smelling the different scents, and what to ask for when they hurt. Like peppermint for their tummies, and lavender when they have a scrape. I am so glad we can learn together.