12 August 2014

This year's curriculum for Coqui

I kind of forgot to post about our curriculum. As the summer proceeds, so do our studies and it slipped my mind. We finally have all our stuff together and I am here to share.

Coqui is kind of between Third Grade and Fourth Grade - we stopped thinking too much about it. So here is his list:

* History: we are still working on volume One of the Story of the World

* English: we really liked BJU, so we are doing Bob Jones English Grade Four

* Spelling: I did say in my previous post that we were a bit tired of list spelling, but I bought the Bob Jones Spelling book for Fourth Grade anyways. It was more than half price and I couldn't resist.

* Math: we did not like Math 3 from Abeka but we stuck with it for last year. When I decided to switch, I wanted to make sure we covered everything, so I order two Math books, both from BJU, Bob Jones University.
The first one is a review book for third grade, the second is the regular fourth grade math book. But we are using the second edition because I found it somewhere for real cheap.

* Science: we liked the Apologia book last year, we just got stuck somewhere and never finished the book. So I ordered a new book to start fresh this year. It's the creation of the fifth day, so all flying creatures, Zoology 1.

* Cursive Writing: we loved the Abeka writing book, just that it was a bit much. But I got the chance to look inside the grade 3 book at a conference and loved the concept of it: Cursive Writing Skillbook.

* Latin: we are still working on English From The Roots Up volume one, and like it enough to learn a new Latin or Greek work each week.

* German: I finally decided to teach the kids some German, but I don't want it to feel like I force them, so this book: German in 10 Minutes a Day sounded like a good start, especially for Coqui.

* Art: we still love Mike's Inspiration Station and will do those lessons over and over.

* Music: I bought these Maestro CDs to listen to and maybe I can build my own curriculum around them.