22 January 2015

Draw and Write through history

We have been studying Ancient Greece since mid November. It's taken us a long time due to a vacation, the holidays, and the new year; there were a lot of school-free days. Lol. So here we are, almost done with this unit. Coqui loves history and art. It was a cold day, so we gathered around the fire place in the living room and spread all over the floor to do our learning.

I recently found out about these books called Draw and Write through history.
Draw and Write Through History Book 1: Creation through JonahThey are similar to the Draw Your World books - also called Draw, Write, Now. My history lover and I feel in love with the book that we bought, which is of course about Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome. We used it before, but today was a great day to pull it back out. So Coqui and I sat down and drew this Ancient Greek soldier below.

Can you guess who's is who's?
OKay, so the original is all the way to the right, that is pretty clear. No one can draw this well in our family. I did not bad, but some of my lines were off. I did not correct them to show my trying-to-be-perfect perfectionist that it is okay to mess up. Of course, he hated his picture. But I am proud that he persevered through the end, even though half way through copying the drawing he wanted to give up. I think he did a fantastic job, but I am also a little bias.