24 August 2009

False Alarm - REVISED

We are in week 38, tomorrow starts week 39.... so close to the end!

But last night we had a 'scare' as we were told that we might be in labor. Three hours later, I guess it was decided by the doctors that we are not...... but since then, my stomach has not been the same! Feels like butterflies, just like when you fall in love....
I am so excited. And scared at the same time... When will it be the real deal? And what will happen? I know nobody knows but there is alot involved here. This is not my body and the hospital will put Our Carriers wishes first! That is kind of upsetting to me as this is MY child to be born.... and I want to be part of it as much as they allow me to be... and that part of the equation really scares me. Well, we will see how it goes....

Thanks for reading.

18 August 2009

About Me

This post is more like a 'Get to Know me' combined with 'why the name of the blog'.

So here we go:
My name is Ann..... and I feel blessed.
Blessed because I am married to the perfect man for me as God chose him for me. Blessed because I accepted Christ and that has brought me so much peace in my life, a peace I never knew even existed. Blessed because I am the mother of two beautiful children that both were miracles to me and to out family. Blessed because I am able to stay at home with them and watch them grow each and every day. Believe me it is not always easy, there are fun days and frustrating ones, exhausting ones and the ones that you are glad you made it through. But I am loving it anyway. Blessed to have been raised in Germany and be able to come and stay in this country - I truly believe that this was God's purpose for me. I love that I got the inside view from three totally different systems (I am from East Germany, so I lived through communism). It definitely adds some life experience! Good and bad. I speak three languages pretty fluently, and I am planning to learn at least one more, probably Spanish, as my lovely husband is Hispanic. And the kids should know where we came from. Blessed because I have a family that I love and love being around.
I feel blessed because I have many interests. I am a photographer - but recently I shoot my family only. I love reading - both German and English books. I enjoyed school, always, and that's why I want to home school my children. Also I want to make my and their and our dreams come true. I am green, meaning I want to make a difference for our environment. I am Vegan, mostly at least. I love doing projects, like scrap-booking or sewing or puzzling. I am also a cancer survivor and that kind of changed my world as I knew it before.
This blog is about our blessings, our family, our children, our life.

03 August 2009

it has been a long time

Hey everyone,
I still haven't decided yet, if I want to publish this blog.... I see my friends do it, but it still scares me a little to be that open. Being open also means being vulnerable.
But I do want to share what happened today. It is August 3rd, and we went to an ultrasound this morning. Our blessing got its name Peanut a while back. We are in week 36, so only a little bit more to go. So we got to see him/her (still don't know!).

Peanut weighs 5 lbs. 11 oz - woo hoo!!! I am so happy about that. As the carrier is still not gaining much weight. It is in the 40%, so we still have a little bit more weight to gain before it can come out. The baby's head is down. It is kicking like crazy - I love it. Fluids look great, placenta looks good, everything looks good. So I am relieved and happy.