24 November 2009

Check up time

I have not posted in a little while - please forgive me, little audience!

I have found the perfect pediatrician for me! About three years ago, in the Garden State! Unfortunately, we moved away, so I lost this wonderful angel of medicine!
Coming here also meant to find a new doctor for my firstborn! That was not so easy and I think, back in the day, I simply settle for convenience. Convenience of the location, about 15 min. from the house, central point, easy reachable from the house or my husband's work! I never liked the woman, nor the way she handled my son, or should I say the lack of interacting with him! Well, she did not agree with my way of really thinking about what immunization I want to give him, or how many at one visit! I am NOT anti-shots, not at all. There are too many evil illnesses out there, deathly and just cruel! No, I want him to get mostly all of them. I am just simply thinking about it and research it! So when there was a shot I didn't think he needed, she had me sign at least 3 different papers for my denial! Ridiculous!

So having a second child, I knew I didn't want to go back there. I have talked to friends, who seemed happy with their choice of pediatrician. So I called, set up an appointment, after my old pediatrician refused to see her at this, my chosen timing! I got in in a record time, and today was the day! Peanut had her 2-month check up at almost 3 months - oh well.... such is life! A hundred years ago, they didn't see doctor's unless they were sick.... today, we have a tendency of exaggeration! She looks beautiful, looks healthy, looks big.... of course, the measurements are a little off, in comparison with other 2 months old babies, but that is okay! She also got 2 shots, and is sleeping away..... Yeah for Mami who really has some time to herself today! Yippy....

Thanks for stopping by in your busy days. Appreciated.

05 November 2009

Diapers - cloth or disposable?

For my first child, it was not even a question: I WANTED to use disposable diapers. My mother always told me how much 'fun' it was back in the day, and that they didn't have an alternative. So I was not going to try the 'fun' part of cloth diapering but chose 'Huggies for Life'!
BUT I was determined that my child would be out of diapers by the age of 2.... yeah, and then came cancer and a time when I couldn't take care of my own child.... and then I just didn't care anymore WHEN he will be potty trained.... (Don't worry, he is 3 now and almost fully trained!)

Then I befriended my 'green' friend A. She used cloth diapers and proved to me how much faster a child would be potty trained with cloth. SO now that I do (!) have another chance, I was much more willing to try it. I had 3 big (!) boxes of diapers left from Coqui that I wanted to finish up. Surprisingly, that took me over five weeks! Wow. Now that they are all gone, I bought a disposable back-up and try to use cloth during the day. I tried to use it at night, but the one time I did, Peanut leaked at around 3 am and was completely drenched, with clothes and bed sheets and all. So I have decided that I will use the super-duper absorbent Huggies for night time, and leave the cloth for during the day.

Now some may argue about the costs of disposables versus cloth (that need washing and such). Well, I read about it of course. And I came to the conclusion that everyone has to make their own decisions about what is right for them. For me, I do like to be more 'green' and considerate of the environment. I also like the idea of having my child out of diapers by 18 months or so. And with all those fun options in cloth diapers, the kid even looks fashionable with the cute covers they have these days. The washing is not an issue for me at all. I like to do laundry, so I wash every other day, a small load of the diapers with even other stuff.... (oh, I do hand-wash the ones with number 2 in it!).

What does Peanut thinks of it? Well, the Huggies are so absorbent that she never feels wet, and she never tells me to change her! When I put the cloth on her, latest an hour later, she tells me that she wants to be changed! And that, to me, is a good sign that potty training will follow soon! Yeah... Can't wait.


Last time I posted something, I remembered that I needed to add something else... of course, now, having Mami-brain, I can't anymore..... What was it? It is so frustrating that we, as mothers, forget so many things. And I wonder why? I mean, I am sure there is some real scientific explanation out there, but I am too tired to look for it. In my own way, I say, it is because we have to think for ourselves a little and then mainly for our kids!!! For any outings, there are millions of questions, tiny but very long check lists we have to go down. Did we bring enough formula for the baby? Do I have a change of underwear for my toddler? Where are the keys? ... etc.
And once we are finally in the car, the engine roars, and we start going the first couple of feet, we wonder: "Where were we going again?"
Urrrrgh, it is soooo frustrating.

So maybe tomorrow I will remember what I wanted to write about in the first place....

02 November 2009

The smile of a baby

Today, I just want to share how blessed I feel.
It makes me feel so good that when my baby girl is crying and nobody can calm her down but me. Or when I can help her feel better in giving her a diaper change or feed her or give her what she needs. (I mean, yes, it is part of the job description but it still doesn't mean that everyone follows them).
But the best is when she just smiles at me for no reason..... or the reason that she recognizes me, says thank you, Mami, or just simply feels safe with me, knowing I will provide what she needs and protect her.....
That makes the best payment, with the bonus and commission, for the job as a Mami...

01 November 2009

soundmachine (or the sound to keep your kid asleep)

When Coqui was a little boy, I never thought of using a sound machine, or white noise machine. But he was such a lite sleeper that eventually I had to get one when he was about one year old. And it has worked wonders to his sleep (with noisy neighbors around!), that he sleeps now through mostly everything.
Of course, having a second child, you know better. But as strange as this may sound, I haven't gotten around to buy one for Peanut. As she is sleeping in our room (her room is not painted yet....) and her bed (the pack'n'play) stands right next to the bathroom door, I am using the fan in the bathroom as a sound machine. Hey, it works and she sleeps....
My friend did order me the noise machine, so tomorrow I should have the real deal. Now I just have to figure out which sound she'll like best: waterfall or rain forest. Personally, I could not sleep to the birds chirping, but.... I might use the rain.... Good night everyone.