07 May 2010

Being Blessed

I promised I will write more once my stressful time was over, so here I am. After this crazy week, I wanted to count my blessings, because there are so many. I have a wonderful life with the greatest family, and I just feel so awesome right now - after a terrible morning, where the first two hours felt more like the last entire week. But it got much better after having to babysit my neighbor's kid. The kids played together very nicely, shared and took turns. I am trying to teach Coqui that 'Ladies Go First' and he did very good of being patient and wait his turn with bathroom breaks and washing hands. I AM SO BLESSED.

And here is why: I feel blessed because....

- my pap smear test came back normal today
- my CT scan didn't show any abnormalities
- I didn't get a reaction from the iodine this past Monday
- I love my oncologist because she is a woman and I can talk to her about anything
- my kids did great this week with Mami being on the 'foggy' side
- Peanut is getting her first tooth - finally! - just felt it this morning!
- I have the bestest husband in the whole world
- I finally cleaned and scrubbed my kitchen and dining room floors last night, INSTEAD of going to the gym, but it was still a good 'work-out'
- we got a surprise package from Mema yesterday with some small goodies for the whole family - she is so awesome!
- I have friends that care about me and check up on me!
- I have Coqui and Coqui loves Mami
- I have a very clingy baby that loves me, too - just can't say it yet.
- my life is great right now!

Thanks for being with me today! I appreciate all my readers, which I am sure there are not that many! But the few really count to ME!!! Thank you and please be blessed yourself!


C. Beth said...

You are very, very blessed. And I'm blessed to be your friend too!