13 March 2010

Teething? - again?

Today, just a few words!

Because I am actually tired! I have had no energy all day, no motivation, and tonight, my sweet little girl had another screaming session..... she was tired, I know that for a fact! But when I put her down for nighttime, she didn't go to sleep. First, she was just fuzzing a little, but that soon turned into crying and then just pure screaming. Nothing worked: rocking her (which I usually NEVER do because I learned my lesson with Coqui!), talking to her, or just letting her scream it out.... After an hour, I broke.... and brought her downstairs - the first time I am trying this. She started out with just laying her on my shoulder, then to smile and then to 'flirt' with the Hubby. Then she lifted her head and started playing with her binky - yes, she is still using one.... I simply knew there was no way of her going to sleep at this point.
So we waited patiently for about half an hour, then I brought her back upstairs. And believe it or not, she fell asleep within 4 minutes, me rocking her. Yeah....
Now I think I hear my bed calling.... Good Night.

PS: during this process, I looked at the Hubby and said: "Thank goodness she is our second child, because if she would have been number One, there would be no number Two." Of course, now, I think a little different, but I am not sure how many more kids we'll have after this....